A Thorny Flower

Freedom Fighter and Ex. Editor of the daily 'Navpraba' Shri. Laxmidas Borker had written four article series on Dadu Mandrekar under title “A Thorny Flower” in the leading English daily of Goa “The Navhind Times” published from Panaji-Goa. These articles appeared from 15th February 1997 to 18th February 1997. This is a very brief excerpts from those articles.  

One storm called Dadu Mandrekar has taken Goa by storm by bringing waves of Ambedkar’s ideology to Goan shores for the first time.
…Dadu mandrekar along with four hundred Mahars embraced Budhist religion during two days Dalit conference held at panjim during Ambedkar birth centenary. He succeeded in fulfillment of the missions left unattained by Goan Buddhist monk Mantpunna and Goan Buddhist scholar Dharmanand Kosambi. Dadu launched a crusade against the injustice meted out to Dalits, especially Mahars in Goa.
Dadu Mandrekar’s introduction to the people as well as discovery of self to him was marked when his article published by the Gomantak, Marathi daily in their pernem taluka special issue attracted readers’ attention.
The sentence used by Dadu in his first-ever article was high-lighted by the-paper. It ran like this:

"During the course of development, roads will be constructed, developmental works will take place, improvement followed, but no perpetuity can be given that the civility will cross those roads,

Dadu Mandrekar is a prolific writer in prose as well as verse. He has written innumerable articles in different newspapers either signed or with nick names. But all his literature prose or verse comes under the dalit category.
He is more powerful in poetry than his prose literature. He firmly believes that only Ambedkarism is capable of taking the country towards total revolution and he has used poetry as a medium to reach to the bottom of hearts of his oppressed people.
'Shapit Surya' (cursed sun), his first book, a collection of potries, has created burning emotional waves. His fiery words might look crude-nude but are sharp and cut like a knife.
Dadu Mandrekar's poetry gives vision of tumultuous noise of one restless inner mind. It gives immense joy to see his poetry, painting social order's sorrows and that too syntaxing tumultuous noises in a peculiar style.
The basic trait of Dadu Mandrekar's poetry is reformation and expectation of a change in confronting dreadful reality, false rites and the feeling of high high-low among the human beings.He has given vent to his feelings against gross social injustice. It is an outburst of a sensitive reformative poet.